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Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) today announced that the newly developed VSAT KU-Band Transceiver (Very Small Aperture Terminal Ku-Band Transceiver) has been selected as the winner of "2011 Innovation Product Award" by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration.


The award-winning KU-Band Transceiver was designed and developed entirely by the MTI engineering team. It is designed to meet the costumers’ and system operators’ needs, with its most prominent features being easy installation and anti-outdoors.


From the innovative design aspect, MTI KU-Band Transceiver effectively combines the waveguide OMT, BUC and LNB, simplifies the mechanics and achieves an All-In-One design. The All-In-One Transceiver is more cost-efficient and durable than the current satellite ODU (out-door unit), which is assembled with discrete components and kits.


"MTI has been awarded with the Innovation Product Award for 5 consecutive years, which shows that our long-term commitment in product innovation has been recognized by the industry once again. The KU-Band Transceiver is designed for new generation broadband satellite applications and is compatible with broadband wireless Internet uses, to fulfill high elastic demands. The current satellite communication applications have expanded from enterprise and SOHO data networks to residential consumer use. Cost deduction is needed to increase customers’ acceptance and popularize to the general consumer market. Simplified installation to fulfill system operators’ efficiency and service needs." said Mr. Allen Yen, President and CEO of MTI.


MTI is the world’s leading broadband satellite transceiver manufacturer. To meet the broadband satellite service demands of small and medium enterprises and home users, MTI developed the new generation KU-Band Transceiver, especially raises its reliability for outdoors use.

Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) is global high-tech company specialized in wireless communications. MTI is a recognized industry leader in the delivery and manufacturing microwave radios, satellite transceivers & ODUs, mobile base station (BTS) modules, remote radio heads, broadband wireless access products, and radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and modules. Today, MTI is a components and subsystems supplier to many of the world’s leading wireless & mobile solution providers. MTI has been in the wireless communications business for 28 years. Read more about MTI at www.mti.com.tw.

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