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Hsinchu, Apr. 12, 2011 - Industry-leading provider of remote radio heads for mobile radio Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) will announce formal product launch of RFID ME™ for North America and South America at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 on April 12-14, 2011 in Orlando, Florida (visit MTI's Booth #212 to see live demo).  MTI's Americas product launch coincides with RFID Journal selecting RFID ME™ as a finalist for their 2011 Best in Show Award, the winner will be announced on April 14th at the event.

International partners MTI, RF-iT Solutions, Avery Dennison, austriamicrosystems and NXP have partnered together to promote RFID ME™ Gen2 Internet.  RFID ME™ changes the game for users interested in deploying affordable item-level EPC Gen2 RFID solutions right out of the box and is suited for business, small business, home office and even consumer use.  RFID ME™ is an affordable, powerful, flexible complete UHF RFID hardware and software that instantly converts computers, laptops, netbooks and tablets into a complete EPC Gen2 item-level tracking solution.

RF-iT Solutions and MTI have agreed to grant a free, perpetual license for use of detego EXPRESSR exclusively for RFID ME™.  As a result of this agreement, detego EXPRESSR will now be bundled with each RFID ME™.  detego EXPRESSR previously was provided with RFID ME™ but only on a 30-day trial license basis and after this period the end-user was required to license it directly RF-iT Solutions for euro 249.

RFID ME™ user friendly and well documented software development suite and system integration tools allow users, programmers and system integrators, at all levels of knowledge and experience, to successfully and quickly develop, integrate and deploy item-level EPC Gen2 RFID solutions for any market segment or end use application.  RFID ME™ software development suite and system integration tools were created with 3rd party software developers and systems integrators, and the challenges they face, in mind.

RFID ME™ includes:

  • Plug N Play USB-HID EPC Gen2 Reader Dongle
  • CD-ROM for software and documentation
    • RFID ME™ APPs - application software featuring WebLink, WebDirect, WebSearch, WebKey, EPC Generator, NXP G2iL+/G2iM+ GUI and more
    • detego EXPRESSR   Middleware solution (EPC, timestamp, location, filtering) interfaces to existing Backend IT systems (WebService, HTTP Request, File, MSSQL, OLEDB and OPCDA), including local webservice Virtual ClientR
    • SDK, API with documentation and examples -  based on detego EXPRESSR environment (Microsoft OS Win7/XP 32 or 64 bits, .NET, Java)
    • HW GUI, source code and low-level command set interface
  • Sample quantities of Avery Dennison EPC Gen2 inlays with NXP silicon

RFID ME™ is certified FCC (US: RU-888-100) and ETSI (EU: RU-888-110).  Price for RU-888-100 is $199 and RU-888-110 is euro 150 (plus shipping and handling).  To order RFID ME™ or get more information please visit www.mti.com.tw or contact Darryn Prince at prince_darryn@mti.com.tw

Darryn Prince
RFID Business Head
Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI)
+1.760.613.2471 USA

Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) is global high-tech company specialized in wireless communications. MTI is a recognized industry leader in the delivery and manufacturing microwave radios, satellite transceivers & ODUs, mobile base station (BTS) modules, remote radio heads, broadband wireless access products, and radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and modules. Today, MTI is a components and subsystems supplier to many of the world’s leading wireless & mobile solution providers. MTI has been in the wireless communications business for 28 years. Read more about MTI at www.mti.com.tw

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