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Hsinchu, Feb. 16, 2011 - Industry-leading provider of remote radio heads for mobile radio networks – MTI Radiocomp– and AppliedMicro TPACK A/S – a leader in high-speed optical transport network solutions - today announced a collaborative effort in development of next-generation Cloud RAN technology. Cloud RAN is by many seen as the next major evolutionary step towards vastly improved operational efficiency and lower CAPEX for mobile broadband networks.

"We are extremely pleased to be embarking on this collaborative project, which we see as the next natural – and very important – step on the path towards more efficient high capacity mobile broadband for everyone, everywhere. Once our Cloud RAN concept has been verified in practice, it is certain to be high on the technology wish-list of both OEMs and progressive mobile broadband operators," says Thomas Norgaard, President of Denmark-based Radiocomp MTI.

Cloud RAN is by many seen as the next major architectural development in radio access networks for e.g. WCDMA/HSPA as well as LTE and LTE Advanced. Cloud RAN will enable the mass deployment and radio resource sharing of multi-standard radio access through extensive optical networking, allowing baseband server units and remote radio heads to serve as a ‘cloud’ of radio resources, e.g. distributed over a wide geographical area. Cloud RAN is expected to drive down the capital and operational costs of radio network through efficiency, flexibility and – not least – network sharing.

“We are excited about collaborating MTI Radiocomp on Cloud RAN. Next- generation mobile broadband technology an area of significant interest for AppliedMicro TPACK A/S, and we expect that it will only become more important in the coming years,” says Lars Anders Pedersen, CTO of AppliedMicro TPACK A/S.

The collaborative research project will focus on implementing a Cloud RAN test-bed where baseband-processing modules will be interfaced to Remote Radio modules via latest CPRI/OBSAI standards mapped into existing protocols for optical packet transport. MTI Radiocomp – a leader in optical transmission solutions for remote radio heads - will provide the latest WCDMA/HSPA and LTE Multi Standard Radio (MSR) Remote Radio Solutions as well as the CPRI & OBSAI interfacing technology, while AppliedMicro TPACK A/S will provide the in-depth optical transport networks knowledge and applications. The proof-of-concept for a fully implementable CPRI/OBSAI-based Cloud RAN solution is expected to be ready within 3-4 months.

ABOUT MTI Radiocomp
MTI Laboratory develops state-of-the-art RF solutions for next generation mobile and wireless Radiocomp MTI is leading the industry in the research and development of remote radio head technology for WCDMA, LTE, and WiMAX. Radiocomp MTI offers a unique combination of specialized competences in both advanced RF and optical transmission for mobile broadband radio access systems. Radiocomp MTI is based in Denmark, and is a subsidiary of a leading global provider of RF solutions for mobile broadband, MTI of Taiwan. Read more about Radiocomp MTI at . For more about the Cloud RAN project contact Thomas Norgaard at , , and about the Cloud RAN project contact Lars Anders Pedersen at lap@apm.com.

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